For Your Security

Your security is very important to us. We work diligently to safeguard your personal information and prevent security breaches and fraudulent activity, but we also ask you to be vigilant and take the necessary steps to keep your information safe and secure.

Helpful Security Information

It's our priority to ensure you have the safest and most secure online banking and bill paying experience. Therefore, we will never send you an e-mail with a link to our website.

The following links contain information designed to help you detect and prevent fraud:

> Staying Safe from Tax Season Scams

> Account Authentication and Online Banking

> Risk Assessment and Layered Security for Online Businesses

> Avoid Tech Support Phone Scams

> 10 Ways to Avoid Fraud

> Social Engineering Red Flags

> Family Emergency Scams

> Government Imposter Scams

> Shopping Safely Online

Reporting Phone Fraud

> Helpful Websites for Identity Fraud and Check Fraud

Security and Fraud Informational Series 1
Focusing on cyber fraud, this first edition of a series of information security postings will tell you how to protect yourself from criminals trying to take over your computer to steal your information and money.

Security and Fraud Informational Series 2
This second edition examines popular phishing attacks and presents you with tips to help prevent you and your company from becoming a victim of fraud.

Security and Fraud Informational Series 3
In this third edition of Protecting You and Your Money we examine popular check fraud techniques and present you with tips to help prevent you and your company from becoming a victim of fraud. 

The Monthly Security Awareness Newsletter for Computer Users


Security Notices

Security Notice Updates
We frequently post updated information on new threats or methods that hackers are using to try and steal your information--and steps you can take to stop them.

If you think your account information has been compromised, please contact Westfield Bank immediately at 1-413-568-1911 or 1-800-995-5734.

Debit Card Fraud Monitoring

Please notify us when using your debit card outside of your normal purchasing area or when you plan to have a larger number or higher dollar amount of transactions. To ensure the convenience of using your debit card without interruption please notify us as follows:

(413) 568-1911
(800) 995-5734 

Secure Email
When logged into Online Banking, select "Additional Services" and then "Contact Us."

If you do not notify us, or if unusual activity occurs, you may be contacted by us via text or phone to verify activity. Important: If you do not reply to the text or call, your card may be blocked from future activity. Help us protect  you by updating  your cell and home phone numbers.

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