Westfield Bank Digital Media Tips

With the advent of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and countless others, we are more connected than ever. All of this does not come without its risks as insecure data storage, servers and connections put your privacy and security at risk.


  • The Internet Never Forgets- Things posted on the internet and on social media sites can still be archived and be accessed later in life by potential employers through background checks. Privacy options might not fully protect you and the content that you produce on social sites.


  • Ability to Gain Access to Other Accounts- Scammers can look at your profile as well as your posts and potentially figure out answers to the security questions to your other accounts. Avoid making answers to security questions things that could potentially be found on your social media accounts. (Such as the name of your dog, your street, etc.)


  • Avoid Showing People your Location- Avoid posting things such as you are about to leave on vacation. It gives would be thieves a window of opportunity to steal from you while you are away.


  • Be Aware of What your Friends Post about You- If you are uncomfortable about something that your friends posts about you or tags you in, ask them to take it down. Always be careful with what you share and who you share things with.


  • Password Protection- It is extremely important to protect each of your accounts with a unique password. Try to come up with strong and unique passwords that use letters, numbers and special characters.


  • Watch out for Rogue/Spam Accounts- If a friend or family member posts something out of character or something that you deem suspicious, reach out to them directly to confirm that their account has not been compromised. If the account has been compromised, encourage them to reach out directly to the social media channel to take the next steps in securing their account.

If you have to stop and think about posting something, don't post it!