Deposit Accounts

Small or Commercial Businesses

Nobody ever said running your own business would be easy. You put in long hours, have short weekends, and miss a lot of family meals. What you need are business deposit accounts that work as hard as you do.

At Westfield Bank, we offer a wide variety of businesses accounts to help you manage cash flow and maximize earnings. Choose from traditional business checking and money market accounts, certificates of deposit, sweep accounts, and zero balance accounts.

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Checking & Money Market Accounts

Account Type Ideal for:
Small Business Checking Businesses that process < 500 items per month
Commercial Checking Businesses that process > 500 items per month
Business Money Market & Certificates of Deposit Businesses seeking to maximize interest on excess deposit balances
Commercial Investment Sweep Account Businesses that want to maximize earning potential by automatically transferring excess cash into an interest-bearing account
Zero Balance Account (ZBA) Businesses looking for an easy way to manage multiple disbursement accounts such as payroll and accounts payable by drawing the exact amount of funds needed to pay disbursements automatically from the main account to the ZBA account(s)