Identity Theft Protection

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Westfield Bank Offers Identity Theft Protection through Deluxe Provent®, a leading provider of fraud protection services. We offer two levels of protection: ID Restoration Pro and ID Protect Plus.

ID Restoration Pro

ID Restoration Pro offers access to Certified Resolution Specialists. These specialists can offer assistance if you lose your wallet, experience fraud, or your identity has been compromised. Deluxe Provent is powered by EZSheild, who will serve as a power of attorney to work with credit bureaus on your behalf in the event of fraudulent activity.

ID Restoration Pro also offers safe, 24/7 access to secure storage of your wallet contents. If the contents of your wallet are lost or stolen, this online tool can help simplify and accelerate the process of identity restoration by providing crucial information. 

ID Protect Plus

ID Protect Plus offers all the great features of ID Restoration Pro, in addition to monitoring and alerts for your identity on the Internet's black market, and monitoring and alerts for changes in your credit report.

The black market scans look for credit and non-credit information in chat rooms that sell identifying information. After the scan, users have the option to work with a resolution specialist.

Additional Features

All customers, regardless of protection level, have access to the mobile app: MySontiq. Here, users can store passwords, wallet contents, important documents, and uploaded images containing important personal information.

Both the app and online portal contain an education feature with timely articles detailing breaches and scam news. Another section contains personal protection tips. A monthly email recaps recent news and informs the customer on their standing with current data breaches and other fraud schemes.

What's the cost?

ID Restoration Pro is free with WB Performance checking accounts. For all other checking accounts, the fee is $1.25 a month.

ID Protect Plus is free with WB Portfolio checking accounts. For WB Performance checking accounts, the cost is $3.75 per month ($1.25 per month until activated). For all other checking accounts, the cost is $5.00 per month ($1.25 per month until activated).

Ready to Enroll? Please see a Better Banking Specialist at any of our convenient offices

Westfield Bank may contact you regarding questionable or potentially fraudulent transactions. However, Westfield Bank will never call to ask for personal information, such as online banking credentials. If you believe your information has been compromised, contact Westfield Bank Immediately at 413.568.1911 or 800.995.5734. You should also contact Experian, Equifax, or Transunion to discuss if you need to place a fraud alert on your file.