Digital Wallet Services

Paying with a digital wallet is safe, convenient and easy to use. Your Westfield Bank VISA® Debit Card information is never shared by Apple, Google or Samsung with merchants, or transmitted with payment. Also, when paying with a digital wallet, cashiers never see your name, card number, or security code.

What is a Digital Wallet?

A digital wallet is typically a wallet app on your mobile device that allows you to store, manage, and transact using a digital version of your debit and credit cards. Digital wallets can be used the store other important information such as boarding passes, hotel reservations, concert tickets, gift cards, coupons and store loyalty cards for additional convenience.

Are Digital Wallets Safe? 

Actually, digital wallets can be safer than using your physical card. Your card information is encrypted and tokenized within the app, which means that your Westfield Bank VISA® Debit Card is not stored within the wallet. When adding your card information into a digital wallet, it is converted to a unique code using encryption. Every time you make a purchase or payment, a one-time token is randomly generated for the specific transactions, and only the merchant’s payment gateway can match the token to accept payment.

How does it work?

Pay in stores wherever you see the Contactless Symbol

Simply open your digital wallet, select your Westfield Bank VISA® Debit Card or Westfield Bank Credit Card and authorize using Touch ID or Facial Recognition, then simply hold your mobile device to the symbol on the terminal. Use to make in-app purchases for things like food delivery services or ride shares fast and easy.

Setting up your Digital Wallet

To link your Westfield Bank VISA® Debit Card to your devices digital wallet, log into the Westfield Bank mobile app, then click on Cards. Below the image of your debit card, click on the banner to add your card to the wallet app on your mobile device. You can also add your debit card by accessing the wallet app on your phone, then follow the onscreen instructions.

Information about the wallet apps we current support can be found at the links below:

Apple Pay >
Google Pay >
Samsung Pay >

Have questions or need assistance?

For more information on using your Westfield Bank debit card, please call our Customer Call Center at 800.995.5734 or stop by any of our convenient offices.