Other Cash Management Services

Simplify your cash management processes with helpful online tools designed to save you time and money.|

ACH Manager
Create electronic payments and deposits simply, safely, and quickly. ACH is used for a wide variety of payments and deposits such as:

  • Direct deposit of payroll
  • Payments to vendors 
  • Payments from customers
  • Federal tax payments

You can easily add ACH transactions to your financial toolbox, and thanks to a template-based wizard, it’s simpler than ever before.

Wire Transfer Manager
With Wire Transfer Manager, sending payments on tight deadlines becomes fast and easy.

  • Transfer funds to accounts at other financial institutions 
  • Wire transfers typically execute in a matter of minutes
  • Full confirmation of sending and delivery of funds
  • Real time tracking
  • Meet tight deadlines
  • Safe and secure

You can also wire money both domestically and internationally in U.S. Dollars or foreign currency through our Wire Room.

Bill Pay
Offering the same convenience and ease of use as our personal bill pay service, Business and Government Bill Pay allows businesses and municipalities to quickly and easily pay bills online.

With Bill Pay, you can:

  • Enable authorized users with dual control features
  • Pay any person or company in the U.S. except court-ordered payments and state and federal tax payments
  • Receive and pay e-Bills online
  • Schedule recurring payments
  • Electronically link invoice and credit memo information with your payments

To learn more, please contact our Business and Government Deposit Services team today.

Business & Government Deposit Services

Brent Bean II Brent Bean II Assistant Vice President, Business Development Officer 413-594-6698 141 Elm Street Westfield, MA
Laurie Lavell Laurie Lavell Vice President, Business and Government Deposit Services 413-564-2658 229 Exchange Street Chicopee, MA
Christine O’Dea Christine O’Dea VP, Business and Government Deposit Services 413-564-2655 599 Memorial Drive Chicopee, MA
Cathy Turowsky Cathy Turowsky Vice President, Business and Government Deposit Services 413-598-3213 977 Farmington Ave. West Hartford, CT
Michael Vogel Michael Vogel Vice President, Business and Government Deposit Services 413-598-3207 227 Exchange Street Chicopee, MA