Consumer Fee Schedule

Overdraft Fees

Insufficient Funds Charge
(per item paid or returned, daily maximum fee of $150)
Uncollected Funds Charge
(per item paid or returned)
An overdraft may be created by check, in person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.

Personal Line of Credit

Using a pre-established line of credit, transfers are made from line to cover any overdrafts presented up to available line limit. Interest charges are assessed based on current interest rate and balance outstanding. Call for current rates.

Savings Overdraft Protection

Transfers are made from statement savings to checking with one fee assessed each day items are presented that are insufficient regardless of number of items to be paid. Fee deducted from savings account. $7.50

Other Direct Service Charges

Stop Payments $30.00
Returned Deposited Items $7.00

Wire Transfer Fees

Incoming $15.00
Outgoing Domestic $25.00
Outgoing Foreign $50.00

Other Fees

Personal Money Orders $4.00
Treasurer's Checks $6.00
Collection Items – Foreign or Domestic $20.00
Notary Service $1.25
Medallion Signature Guarantee $25.00
Lost Passbook Replacement $10.00
Escheatment Fee $30.00
Tax Levy Processing $30.00
Checkbook Reconciliation (per hour) $25.00
Account Research (per hour) $25.00
Statement Copies (per page) $3.00

Effective 5/1/2019