Retirement Certificates of Deposit

Retirement Certificates of Deposit are a safe and secure way to save. You'll earn a fixed interest rate over the course of the term. All CDs have a minimum balance requirement to open. Westfield Bank also offers Add-On IRA CDs as well as Retirement Accumulator CDs.

Add-on Retirement Certificate of Deposit

Our Add-On Retirement Certificate of Deposit allows additional contributions any time during the specific term. Additional contributions of at least $10.00 may be made through automatic transfers from checking, savings, or payroll deduction.

WB Retirement Accumulator CD

Our WB Retirement Accumulator Certificate of Deposit allows individuals to consolidate retirement funds from a work place employer plan, or IRA funds from other financial institutions. Additional deposits are allowed during the specified term to accommodate the consolidation of funds.

More Information

To learn more about an existing retirement plan, opening an IRA, or moving your retirement assets, please contact the Retirement Services Department at 413.568.1911 or stop by any of our convenient offices.