VISA Account Updater is a free service that provides automatic card number updates to participating merchants with whom you have set up automatic recurring payments using your Westfield Bank VISA® debit card.

If you use your Westfield Bank VISA® debit card to make recurring payments for things like gym memberships, utility companies, or other subscription services, participating merchants will automatically receive your new card information when your current debit card expires or is reissued.

Benefits include:

  • Convenience of not having to contact multiple merchants
  • Fewer authorization declines
  • Uninterrupted service from the merchant

This free service is available to all Westfield Bank customers, so your updated Westfield Bank VISA® debit card information will be automatically be provided to participating merchants in the following circumstances:

  • Expired debit card
  • Lost or stolen debit card
  • Compromised debit card
  • Replaced card (for damaged card or name changes)

For more information on VISA Account Updater, or to opt out of this program, please stop by any of our convenient offices or call our Customer Call Center at 413.568.1911 or 800-995-5734.