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Retirement Accounts

It's never too early to start planning. We offer a wealth of IRA and CD accounts to help you build the future you want.

Retirement Accounts

The decisions you make now will influence the life you have in years to come. We'll help you find the retirement plan that's right for you today—and tomorrow.

To learn more about retirement plan opportunities, opening an IRA, or moving your retirement assets, contact our Retirement Services Department at (413) 572-4282, e-mail us, or visit any of our convenient offices.

IMPORTANT- There have been significant changes to to IRA Rules and Regulations in 2020 due to the Secure Act. 

  • Age limit eliminated for Traditional IRA Contributions
  • RMD raised to 72
  • New exception to the 10% penalty for birth or adoption
  • IRA contributions with fellowship and stipend payments
  • The "Stretch IRA" disappears for inherited IRAs

Update- Due to the CARES ACT enacted on March 27, 2020, required minimum distributions are temporarily waived for tax year 2020. 

To learn more, please contact a member of our Retirement Services Team or view additional information. 


Personal Investors

Build a more secure future with an Individual Retirement Account. Choose from a Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Inherited or Beneficiary IRA, or Coverdell Education Savings Account depending on your age and personal goals.

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Self Employed Investors

A SEP (Simplified Employee Pension) Plan is an easy, low-cost retirement plan that allows employers to contribute to employees' Traditional IRAs. SEP contributions provide a tax deduction to the business owner, who can contribute up to 25% of net earnings in a plan year. 

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Retirement CDs

Retirement Certificates of Deposit are a safe and secure way to save. You'll enjoy peace of mind as you earn a fixed interest rate over the course of the term.

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Traditional IRA

Looking for an independent retirement savings vehicle with immediate tax advantages, possible tax deductions and a high degree of flexibility? Click to learn more about Traditional IRAs.

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Roth IRA

This account lets you set aside after-tax income up to a specified amount each year, with tax-free account earnings and tax-free withdrawals after age 59 1/2 if certain IRS provisions are met.

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Coverdell Education Savings Account

When you're planning to finance a student's education, this account provides an additional way to help you reach your goal. The Coverdell ESA provides tax-deferred interest if certain IRS provisions are met.

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Important Dates to Remember

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Retirement Services Team

Meet our Retirement Services Team

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Retirement Resources

Take advantage of free retirement resources.

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