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Personal Investors

Choose a Traditional IRA if you:

  • are employed
  • earn income

Please note that contributions to Traditional IRAs may be tax deductible. 


Choose a Roth IRA if you:

  • are employed
  • earn income
  • Meet income eligibility requirements 

Roth IRAs are a non-deductible retirement plan.  


Choose an Inherited or Beneficiary IRA plan for:

  • the beneficiary (spouse or non-spouse) of the deceased IRA owner 

You may also choose a Coverdell Education Savings Account to help you save for your child's education. These accounts are Irrevocable Trusts that are available for personal investors.  

To learn more about an existing retirement plan, opening an IRA, or moving your retirement assets, please contact the Retirement Services Department at (413) 572-4282, e-mail us, or stop by any of our convenient offices.

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